Xavi and Iniesta- the greatest duo ? check out why

Some players just sound better in sync and when separated, does not feel or hear right. XAVI AND INIESTA, two of Spain’s greatest gifts and jewels to the world of football were the ideal combination for captivating and mesmerizing the faithful of their game.
Barcelona’s greatest icons of the game when together created a silence or in today’s time, a BUBBLE which no one tried to penetrate or poke as it would yield in the dangerous unleashing of themselves which was a scary sight.
ImageFor years, these two geniuses controlled the midfield of Barcelona FC with their aggression, passion and intricate display of subtlety with their skills which was orgasmic.
While Xavi controlled the tempo and dictated the pace of the game while Iniesta was more direct and dynamic as a dribbling playmaker to set the team free and in a particular Lionel Messi, who thrived in front of goal when the Spanish duo unraveled their magic.
It was the perfect painting when Xavi and Iniesta ran the show.
Xavi Hernández in his 17 year stay at the Blaugrana was beyond supreme with 85 goals and 184 assists to his name. He won 27 trophies with Barcelona and it did not stop there. He also has represented Barcelona 767 times which is mindboggling to even think about let alone sight.
Andrés Iniesta in his 16 year stay at Barcelona scored 57 goals and provided 139 assists, winning 32 trophies at the helm. The Spanish World Cup winner has 673 appearances with Barcelona.
Xavi called time on his career at Barcelona in 2015 while Iniesta did so in 2018. This brought an end to a phenomenal duo who bought glory and unparalleled joy to Barcelona faithful and world football.
Van Gaal: I made Xavi & Iniesta | Goal.comThe 2010 World Cup was the crowning moment for these two phenoms and legends. The hard work was put to test and it indeed paid off.
Iniesta’s goal against Netherlands in the final is a sight which will never leave be lost in the history of time.
The combination of Xavi and Iniesta will go down as the greatest partnership in the history of the beautiful game.
A sight we were able to witness and one we can never forget.


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