WWE RAW Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 28th August 2023

WWE RAW Result & Highlight: Monday Night RAW Result, Winners, Grade, Video| All You Need To Know – 28th August 2023

USA Network will broadcast episode number 1,579 of WWE Monday Night Raw tonight live from FedExForum in Memphis, TN. The show will feature.

Several matches and segments of interest, highlighting a Falls Count Anywhere Match between Becky Lynch and Zoey Stark.

Summary WWE Monday Night Raw August 28, 2023

Damian Priest defeated Sami Zayn.
The Miz mocked LA Knight in an in-ring promo. The Viking Raiders defeated The New Day in a tag team match.

Gunther challenged Chad Gable to a new match for the Intercontinental Championship. Chad Gable defeated Ludwig Kaiser by disqualification;

Imperium attacked Gable after the match.
Shinsuke Nakamura attacked Seth Rollins before their match at WWE Payback.
Tommaso Ciampa defeated Bronson Reed.

Raquel Rodriguez attacked Rhea Ripley.
Becky Lynch defeated Zoey Stark in a Falls Count Anywhere Match in the main event of the night.

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Live Reporting WWE Monday Night Raw August 28, 2023

The show begins with an In Memoriam dedicated to Bray Wyatt and Terry Funk. Sami Zayn opens this week’s episode. The wrestler appears alone.

To play the first match of the night. Meanwhile, from the commentary table, Michael Cole points out that tonight will also be dedicated to.

Honoring the memory of Wyatt and Funk. Damian Priest appears and heads towards the ring, also solo.

WWE announces that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will defend the Unified Tag Team Championships against The Judgment Day at WWE Payback.

Sammy Zayn vs. damian priest

Priest is the first to strike, knocking his opponent down before trapping him in a headlock. Zayn breaks free and knocks down his opponent with an arm drag.

The action moves to the corner, where both exchange blows. Damian throws a hard punch at Zayn, but Zayn responds with a falling elbow into the opposite corner.

Damian falls to ringside. Sami launches on him with a springboard moonsault. Zayn takes Priest back to the ring, where he lands several punches.

However, Damian responds with a clothesline. Sami falls on the canvas and Priest kicks him. “Mr. Money in the Bank” takes his rival to one of the cornerbacks.

Where he continues to punish him until applying a broken arrow. 1..2..NO. sami manages to kick Priest before throwing him out of the ring.

Zayn tries to execute a suicide dive, but Priest stops him from the apron. Zayn manages to push the heel against the post, making him fall once more to ringside.

The Canadian lunges at Damian, but he catches him mid-flight before dropping him on the commentary table. Priest celebrates as we hit the first commercial break of the night.

Back, we see Sami executing a sunset flip powerbomb on his opponent from the top of a corner. 1..2..NO. Both exchange attacks until Zayn expels.

Him from the ring with a clothesline. Sami does not give up to his enemy and throws himself on him with a butt. The Canadian takes Priest back to the ring.

Where he executes a Blue Thunder Bomb. 1..2..NO. Damian stands on the apron, from where he manages to hit Sami. Priest returns to the interior of the ring.

There, he kicks out his opponent and prepares her to execute a Razor’s Edge, but Zayn escapes before applying an exploder suplex to one of the cornerbacks.

Sami prepares to apply a Helluva Kick, but JD McDonagh catches him in the leg, allowing Priest to execute a South of Heaven for the victory!

Winner: Damian Priest

JD McDonagh enters the ring and raises Damian’s hand. When he realizes this, he becomes enraged, violently pushing the Irishman and leaving the.

Ring before demanding that he not interfere in his business again. After that, Kevin Owens appears behind JD and, together with Sami.

They hit him until they apply a Stunner and a definitive Helluva Kick. The WWE Unified Tag Team Champions celebrate as Zayn’s theme song blasts through the venue.

Backstage, Matt Riddle tries to go ahead with the idea of ​​teaming up with Drew McIntyre. To do this, he shows the Scotsman a photo of him.

In Matt’s characteristic green swimsuit. Drew asks him not to anticipate, because before they must be sure that they can fit as a team. Riddle points

Out that they should do the things that other teams do, like watch their opponents and see their weaknesses. Drew agrees and leaves to witness the.

Match between The Viking Raiders and The New Day. A promotional video is shown about Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez’s match at WWE Backlash.

The latter accuses the World Champion of being a bully. “I’m not going to let Rhea Ripley run over our division, not after what she did to me.

And especially after what she did to Liv,” Raquel notes. She claims that she has been preparing for weeks and promises that in Payback.

She will finish off Rhea and take the title from her. The LA Knight theme song plays. The audience goes wild, but the ovation turns into boos when they.

Realize that it is The Miz dressed as Knight, whom he imitates in a mocking tone. Miz imitates Knight’s mannerisms, voice, and catchphrases before.

Showing off a black bag. From inside him, he takes out several shirts to give away to the public. Miz plays with the possibility of throwing one towards.

The public, but finally throws it to ringside. Miz kicks the bag away and ditching the top of his outfit before criticizing fans for fawning over a generic wrestler.

The Miz points out that he does not use catchphrases, but descriptions about himself that are real. Miz promises that at WWE Payback he will prove.

That LA Knight is a fraud and that the only acronyms that matter are M-I-Z. We see Seth Rollins sitting backstage with a very serious face.

On his arm is a black bracelet with the name of Windham Rotunda. Ricochet appears in front of him. They both look at each other and nod before Ricochet follows his path.

The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs. The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) c/ Valhalla

Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle make their entrance before The Viking Raiders appear on the scene. Riddle and McIntyre sit by the announce table.

As the match kicks off. Erik and Xavier start the fight. Woods catches his opponent’s arm and punishes him before receiving a slam in response.

Riddle is making notes on the back of McIntyre’s photograph. Valhalla screams as her companions attack Xavier in unison.

Erik and Ivar continue to punish Woods, who is reluctant to lose. Xavier throws several punches at Ivar, who responds with a knee to the stomach.

Xavier manages to escape and takes over from Kofi Kingston, who comes in with everything. Kofi lands a superkick on Ivar before executing a crossbody.

From the top rope. 1..2..NO. Kingston prepares to execute his finisher, but Erik takes his partner out of the ring. Xavier kicks Erik, while Kofi lunges at Ivar.

The New Day celebrate at the commentators table while the broadcast reaches a new commercial break. Back, we see Ivar and Erik again.

In control of the fight. Ivar catches Kingston after executing a crossbody. Ivar punishes his rival in one of the corners, where he throws a relentless.

Series of elbows. Kofi manages to knock down the Viking. Ivar hits Xavier, knocking him down to ringside before joining Erik in attacking Kofi again.

Erik catches the Ghanaian in a crossface. Ivar takes over again and punishes Kofi in the rope area. The public encourages the face, who receives several.

Punches from his two adversaries in one of the corners. Meanwhile, McIntyre and Riddle get up from their seats. Ivar executes a tremendous big boot on Kofi. 1..2..NO.

The Viking Raiders show no mercy to their rival. However, Kingston manages to get away from Ivar and takes over from Woods, who enters with everything.

Woods gets rid of the two enemies of him, applying a lariat on Ivar. 1..2..NO. Erik enters the scene and applies a knee to Woods’s back. 1..2..NO.

The Vikings combine to finish off Woods, but he escapes and takes over from Kofi. Ivar is thrown out of the ring before Woods lunges at him. Kofi and Ivar fall to rigide.

Kingston lunges at Ivar, but Ivar catches him in midair before throwing him onto the metal stairs and then onto Drew and Matt. McIntyre responds by.

Throwing a chair on the canvas and another against Ivar, but he dodges it and it is Woods who receives the impact. The Viking Raiders take Kofi back to the ring, where they perform their Viking Experience. 1..2..3.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

An enraged Drew throws another chair into the ring before approaching Woods, to whom he apologizes. Kofi rebukes him for his actions. McIntyre throws another chair into the ring again.

Backstage, The Judgment Day again shows signs of fracture. Damian Priest and Finn Bálor discuss what happened tonight. Damian demands.

That his partner stop involving his friend in the group’s affairs, but Finn reminds him that thanks to McDonagh he has achieved victory over Sami Zayn tonight.

And despite this, Damian has attacked him before abandoning him to his fate. Priest insists that JD is not part of Judgment Day, and that the only family.

He cares about is the faction. Damian proposes to Bálor that he leave with his friend, since he cares so much for him. Rhea Ripley interrupts them.

Assuring that she is tired of this story repeating itself every week. Because of her quarrels, the others believe they are weakened, and this has led.

To attacks against her. Attacks that she must deal with. Ripley points out that only she and Dominik Mysterio are taking care of the group’s business.

Adding that next Sunday Finn and Damian should stick together and bring more gold to the faction. Otherwise, there will be changes to The Judgment Day.

Rhea and Dominik leave. Damian holds up his briefcase to the Irishman and points out that he has no problem getting there. A video in tribute to Bray Wyatt is shown.

After it, we see the fighter’s chair at the top of the ramp as his entrance theme plays. The stadium light is turned off and the fans use their mobile phones to follow the performance.

Backstage, Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre approach Kofi to check on Woods. Kofi points out that his partner is fine. Matt and Drew insist that it was an accident.

Kingston tells them not to worry about it, as he knows they wouldn’t act that way. McIntyre promises him that he will talk to Adam Pearce so that.

Next week they have a chance to take down The Viking Raiders. Drew leaves. Matt and Kofi don’t understand what the Scotsman is up to, but.

Riddle smiles when he hears Drew talk about “us.” Riddle goes after his partner. Imperium makes its entrance. Gunther goes up to the commentary.

Table while Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci stand next to it. Microphone in hand, Gunther points out that Chad Gable made history last week by becoming.

The first man to beat him and end his unbeaten streak on the main roster. However, he remembers that the victory was by countout and that.

He is still the Intercontinental Champion, so said victory meant nothing. However, Chad managed to make him angry. Gunther exclaims something in German.

And demands a new starting match against Gable, since only then can he continue forging his legacy. Gunther promises that he will beat Chad.

WWE Monday Night Raw Result Latest News:

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Just as his right hand will tonight… Chad interrupts the champion. Gable is happy with his great feat last week. Chad goes up to the ring with his

Alpha Academy teammates, promising that in seven days he will beat him again, but this time it will be with a count of 3 inside the ring and not with a count of 10 outside of it. Saying that, he calls Ludwig Kaiser to start his match tonight.

Chad Gable vs. ludwig kaiser

Gable ejects Ludwig from the ring shortly after the match began. Chad doesn’t waste a moment and throws himself at him with a cannonball before celebrating.

With the audience. Giovanni Vinci tries to attack him, but Gable manages to dodge him. Thus we come to a new advertising break.

Back, we see Gable throwing his rival out of the ring once more. Kaiser returns, but Chad quickly catches him. Ludwig elbows Gable before catching his left arm.

Maxxine and Otis cheer on their mentor from ringside. Chad manages to get away from his rival masterfully before reversing the key.

Now it is Ludwig who receives a key in his left arm. Kaiser kicks Gable, which he finally manages to take down. Chad responds with a tremendous.

Chop before catching him in an Ankle Lock. The German manages to escape and executes a lariat. Turn for Chad, who throws his rival into the air.

Gable traps Ludwig in an armbar in the ropes area. Ludwig ejects Gable from the ring. Immediately after he goes after him and executes a tremendous.

European uppercut on the run. A confident Ludwig watches the audience as the broadcast goes back to commercial. Back, we see Gable executing several.

Belly-to-belly suplexes on his opponent. Chad charges at Ludwig, but he dodges, causing Gable to hit the corner post. Kaiser executes a dropkick on.

Chad’s back before starting a counterattack. Gable tries to recover, but Ludwig responds with a reverse suplex. 1..2..NO.

Ludwig and Gable trade attacks. Chad tries to execute the finisher on him, but Kaiser avoids him before applying a rolling senton, followed by a direct kick to the face.

1..2..NO. Gable expels the German from the ring, who soon returns. Chad kicks out his opponent and knocks him down with a neckbreaker before.

Launching himself with a moonsault. Ludwig dodges it, but falls to a new attack from his rival. Kaiser gets to his feet and Gable charges back, kicking him.

Out of the ring before launching himself with a moonsault. Chad lands on Ludwig and Giovanni. Back, Gable throws himself at the German, who catches him.

In the middle of the fall, but Gable responds with an Ankle Lock! Ludwig escapes, but falls to a German suplex with a bridge. 1..2..NO. Vinci kicks Gable.

Winner by Disqualification: Chad Gable

Ludwig and Vinci start a fight with Otis and Gable. The Europeans get rid of the first and launch an assault on the second. Gunther appears from.

The entrance ramp and heads to the ring, where he prepares to execute a powerbomb on his opponent from next week. Gable manages to.

Reverse it into an Ankle Lock. Vinci and Kaiser come to their leader’s aid. Gable receives a new punishment, allowing Gunther, now yes, to execute.

A powerbomb. The Austrian hoists his title over Chad as Ludwig and Giovanni position themselves alongside his leader.

A short video tribute to Bob Barker, host of “The Price is Right” is shown.

BURN IT DOWN! Seth Rollins makes his entrance. The public receives him warmly, chanting his song as usual. Rollins enjoys it in the center of the ring.

Motionless and with his arms outstretched. Rollins thanks him with a Japanese-style bow. Already with a mic in hand, he welcomes fans to Monday Night Rollins.

Seth points out that it’s been a long week, so he wants to get this done fast. Rollins addresses Shinsuke Nakamura directly, noting that he has given.

Him what he wants: a title match at WWE Payback. So now he wants something from the Japanese, so he proposes that she come to the ring and tell him.

What he has to express directly to her face. Rollins mocks Nakamura for not showing up, pointing out that the audience is no longer singing along.

To his song by him. And since Shinsuke doesn’t show up, maybe he should hit the streets of Memphis and have a good time. At that moment, a video of the.

Japanese is shown, where we can see him train. Nakamura promises that he will tear Rollins apart and put him out of his misery. The Japanese gets.

Back into the champion’s head, which he infuriates. Rollins criticizes Shinsuke for addressing him through a video. Seth wonders where the.

Nakamura from Tokyo Dome is or from his first steps in NXT. Rollins acknowledges that his back from him is not right, but promises that in.

WWE Payback he will destroy the Japanese. “You will not take away my title. You will not take away my future, nor my family”, exclaims the Champion.

Suddenly, Rollins is attacked from behind by the Japanese. Nakamura catches Seth by the neck before kicking him square in the face. Rollins is knocked unconscious.

Shinsuke smiles and walks up the entrance ramp. Backstage, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens head straight to The Judgment Day. Sami claims to be.

Tired of the faction always looking for traps and their numerical superiority to defeat or attack them, so they have done something about it.

Owens informs them that, after speaking with Adam Pearce, they have achieved that their match at Payback will be without disqualification.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Bronson Reed

Bronson attacks Ciampa while he makes his entrance from him. Reed heads to the ring, but Tommaso goes after him and hits him. The referee rings the bell.

Ciampa manages to expel his rival from the ring before a new commercial break. Back, we see Reed taking down his rival with a tremendous crossbody.

Bronson tries to execute a vertical suplex, but Ciampa kicks him free. Tommaso hits his opponent’s leg to make him fall. Ciampa manages to load Bronson

On his shoulders to execute a samoan drop. Bronson responds with a powerbomb sitout. 1..2..NO. Reed drags him to one of the cornerbacks.

Both initiate an exchange of attacks on the apron. Reed manages to throw him against the metal stairs before launching himself on him. Reed returns to the ring.

Where he falls to a rope DDT from Ciampa, followed by a running knee. 1..2.NO. Tommaso continues his offensive. Ciampa tries to take him down until he finally manages to cover him with a crucifix bomb. 1..2..3.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Backstage, Jackie Redmond interviews Becky Lynch about her match at WWE Payback. The Irish woman admits that she has thought a lot about this fight.

About the thousand and one ways in which she plans to hurt Trish Stratus. But first, she must put on a great show for the Memphis crowd.

Rhea Ripley and Dominik make their entrance. As usual, Ripley whispers something in her partner’s ear from her, who smiles before continuing.

On her way. Ripley kisses her crown while we see Tiffany Stratton in the audience. Rhea turns to Raquel Rodriguez, accusing her of having to fake an injury in order to attack her.

Rhea points out that her championship of her is the proof of all her achievements of her. Ripley points out that Rodriguez is an idiot if she really believes.

That she can take the gold from him. Ripley acknowledges that Raquel is a tough woman, but she’s not fucking Rhea Ripley. The champion continues.

Talking about the Texan, that she does not hesitate to make her appearance de ella. Raquel heads to the ring, where she starts a fight with Rhea, who ends up receiving a suplex.

Ripley falls to ringside. Rodriguez challenges her to go back, at which point Dominik gets behind her. Raquel turns and Dominik drops to his knees.

Begging for mercy. Rhea takes advantage of the situation and attacks Raquel with a headbutt. The champion tries to execute her finisher from her.

But the Texan escapes from her and hits Ripley before applying a clothesline. Ripley ends up at ringside again, where she receives assistance from Dominik.

Backstage, Trish Stratus and Zoey Stark talk to Becky Lynch. Stratus mocks the Irish, assuring that she made a mistake by proposing a Falls.

Count Anywhere Match, since it gives Zoey the advantage. Trish wonders if her partner will leave her some of the Irish for WWE Payback. Stark points out.

That he’ll finish her off, but he’ll be sure to leave enough for her by Saturday. Michael Cole and Wade Barrett review the WWE Payback card after that, the presenters give way to a video in tribute to Terry Funk.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Becky Lynch vs. Zoey Stark (w/ Trish Stratus)

Becky is the first to make her entrance. Tiffany Stratton is still present in the audience. Zoey appears next to Trish. The fighter carries a kendo stick.

Becky goes down to ringside and picks up a kendo stick. The referee rings the bell and Lynch hits his rival with the knife. Lynch catches Zoey.

With a crossface with the help of the stick. The action moves to ringside, where Trish hits Becky with a kendo stick. Lynch gets rid of Stratus and launches.

On Stark with a crossbody. 1..2..NO. Becky tries to look for something under the ring, but Stark attacks her from behind with another kendo stick.

Zoey looks for the account, but Lynch escapes from it. Back on the ring, Stark executes a crossbody dropkick. Stratus throws a metal chair.

Which accidentally hits her partner’s back. Stratus apologizes and throws more chairs on the canvas.The action reaches the top of one of the cornerbacks.

Becky manages to knock down her opponent, who is on the top rope. Lynch executes a legdrop before catching her opponent’s arm.

Lynch executes a Manhandle Slam on Stark. 1..2..NO. Trish intervenes to prevent the defeat of her partner. Becky goes after the WWE Hall of Famer.

Who flees ringside before grabbing a kendo stick. Lynch snatches it from her to unleash a wave of attacks on her. The chase takes them to the.

Top of the ramp, where the Irishwoman shows no mercy. At that moment, Stark attacks her from behind with a metal chair and covers her with it.

1..2..NO. Becky is reluctant to lose. The broadcast reaches its last commercial break. Back, we see Becky attacking Zoey in the audience.

The Irish woman throws her rival against the public barrier with a suplex. 1..2..NO. Becky takes her rival back into the ring before pulling a table.

Out from under it. Stark kicks her and takes her back into the ring, where she punishes her back with a metal chair. Stark places a chair on Becky’s stomach.

Before executing a rollins senton springboard. 1..2..NO. Stark goes up to one of the corners. Becky recovers and throws a chair at him before.

Executing a superplex on the rest of the metal chairs. 1..2..NO. The action moves to ringside. Becky clears the commentary table. Both of her climb.

On top of her, at which point Stratus appears to catch the Irishman by her leg, knocking her down before Zoey lands a knee. 1..2..NO.

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Trish intervenes again, applying a Stratusfaction on the Irish, who destroys a table near the public barrier. Trish takes her partner to the Irish woman.

To cover for her .1..2..NO. The heels take Becky to a platform, where they intend to kill her. However, the Irish woman fights back, causing Stark to.

Accidentally push Stratus, who falls on some tables, which end up smashed. Zoey doesn’t know how to react. Becky takes advantage of it and.

Attacks her before executing a Manhandle Slam on the opposite side of the platform, destroying another group of tables. Lynch covers for Zoey. 1..2..3.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Becky sits on the platform and removes a bracelet from her arm in tribute to Bray Wyatt. The Irish shows it to.

The public and on camera and breaks down in tears. Thus, we come to the end of this week’s Monday Night Raw episode.